If you're crossing a street, waiting in a parking lot, or even walking on a sidewalk, there is a chance you could be hit by a car. When this happens, the injuries can be severe, but laws exist to protect the rights of pedestrians as much as they do for those operating vehicles. The following are a few things you should know if you get injured by a vehicle.

You should seek medical attention right away

Pedestrian injuries are often obvious, but they can also be subtle, without manifesting themselves until hours later. Pedestrians do not have the protection that car drivers do. Even at slow speeds, a car can hit you with significant force to injure you, and hitting the ground creates more injuries. Even when you think you're fine, you should have a doctor examine you. If at a later time, an injury is discovered, there will be a break between the time you were hit by the car and the time you reported the injury. It's easy for an insurance company to argue the injury happened after the accident.

It is best not to speak to a claims adjuster

If your injury was severe enough, it is entirely possible that a representative from an insurance company will visit or call you. They will likely ask you questions, but you are not obligated to answer them. Anything you say may be used against you at a later time to stop a larger payout for the accident. You can be polite, but you need to contact an attorney first and let them understand exactly what happened in your words. 

A claims adjuster may attempt to convince you that it was partially your fault

They may say that you weren't in a marked crosswalk, even though you were crossing from one corner to another, so there is an implied crosswalk. They may claim you stepped off the curb without looking, or you should have been wearing brighter clothing. Not only that, but they will use any method of persuasion to reduce the amount of your settlement. All they need is to put a little doubt in your mind that the accident wasn't completely the driver's fault. This will lower the offer.

When you have been hit by a car, you should seek medical attention immediately, especially if you feel okay. Fractured bones or concussions may not be readily apparent. In addition, a claims adjuster may ask you questions, but they can be deceitful, going so far as to convince you of partial responsibility in order to get you to sign a low offer. There are attorneys who have experience with pedestrian accidents who will work in your interest.

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