You're not always guaranteed to receive compensation for your slip and fall accident. You have to prove that the building owner was negligent and that the negligence led to your injuries. However, doing this is easier if the building is improperly maintained and you slip and fall. A common reason for slip and fall accidents is an uneven floor.

How an Uneven Floor Can Cause an Accident

If you fall because of an uneven floor, the state of the building prevents you from finding your footing. You might have been walking across a parking lot and tripped over a pothole. Or, you might have tripped over a sidewalk crack. Depending on your fall, you may become injured and have expensive medical bills.

How to Reach a Settlement

You must prove that you were allowed on the property to be eligible for compensation for your medical bills. If you are considered a trespasser, you might not be eligible for compensation.


A building owner is responsible for inspecting their building regularly to verify that it is safe. If the building has uneven floors, the owner would be responsible for performing the necessary repairs.

However, the property owner might argue that you are partially at fault for the accident. Under comparative negligence laws, both the building owner and the injured party can be considered at fault. For example, if the building owner accuses you of not showing reasonable caution, you would be partly at fault, and your right to compensation would be lower. 

How an Attorney Can Help

The best way to avoid this is to work closely with a slip and fall attorney who will help you build a strong case for why the other party is squarely at fault for your accident. The attorney will inform you of your legal rights and will conduct a full investigation into how your accident occurred.

Your attorney will look for surveillance footage that might have captured your accident, allowing them to provide solid evidence that you were not at fault and that the uneven floor was the primary reason for your slip and fall accident. Your attorney will obtain a deposition from the witnesses who saw the accident. 

The Resolution of Your Slip and Fall Case

The best way to resolve a slip and fall accident case is to settle out of court. Settling is less expensive and time-consuming. However, suppose you cannot settle. In that case, a slip and fall accident attorney will help prepare you for your trial and represent you in court.

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