Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense, which could earn you different penalties if convicted. For example, the court might suspend you from driving for several weeks. You might also pay a hefty fine or spend time in jail, depending on the severity of your crime. These penalties can severely impact your life now and over the long haul. For that reason, it is advisable to hire a DUI attorney when faced with drunken driving charges. Through the assistance of your attorney, you will evade the consequences of these charges, such as the following.

Challenges Getting a Job or Enrolling in College

Unfortunately, DUI charges could make your name appear on criminal records even after paying a fine or completing your jail sentence. It means that anyone who conducts a background check on your past activities will see the charges. Such a tainted record can create hurdles when seeking employment in government institutions and private organizations. In addition, you can miss out on opportunities to join college. And even if you do, the management might not allow you to represent the school in regional activities such as sports. The best way to fight a bad record is by working with a DUI attorney. 

Random Drug or Alcohol Tests

The judge might be lenient with you if you're facing your first DUI charge. For instance, they could offer you probation instead of a jail sentence or fine. However, the judgment might include an order to abstain from drinking alcohol until the probation period ends. The judge might also require you to undergo regular drug and alcohol tests. You could get into trouble if tests reveal that the alcohol content in your blood is beyond the recommended levels. As a result, the judge might impose more restrictions or sentence you to jail.

Loss of Some of Your Parental Rights 

Being convicted of DUI can also make you lose some of your parental rights, especially if you're undergoing a divorce. In this case, your partner might challenge your ability to take your kids to school if you lose your driving license. They might also argue that you cannot be relied upon to pick up the kids and bring them back in time for the weekend visits. Your ability to take care of the kids while indulging in drinking is also questionable. These issues can deny you full custodianship of the kids.

As seen, the consequences of driving while intoxicated can impact your life even after completing your jail sentence or paying a fine. Therefore, you should consider hiring a DUI attorney to defend you from a potential conviction.