When eyewitness testimony is about to be used against you in court, you may wonder what you are going to do. Will the jury or judge take eyewitness testimony over other evidence? Will you be left to fend for yourself as you try to find evidence to support your case?

Sure, eyewitness testimony can be scary to deal with, but you may be surprised to find that there are plenty of ways you can refute it. This guide will help you do just that.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Expose Potential Bias

One thing you need to know about eyewitness testimony is that it can be biased. If somebody already has a prejudicial opinion about a person or type of person, it can paint the experience he or she has.

For example, somebody who has publicly stated a dislike for you in the past may not have the most trusted viewpoint regarding whether you did or did not hit somebody in front of them.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Question What Was Seen

Another way a criminal defense attorney helps you is by questioning what the witness may or may not have seen. In many cases, people fill in the blanks. Attorneys know this, and they make sure to question whether the witness actually saw what they claimed to. Was it even possible?

Criminal Defense Attorneys Question Memory

Memory is faulty, even when people are trying their best. An attorney will question the memory of a witness to ensure that the jury or judge also has the idea that the witness's statement may not be the most reliable or accurate. Shedding doubt on these statements is essential for your case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Question the ID

A witness might claim that they saw you do something, but how can they be so sure it was you? The attorney will try to show that the person who did these things may not have been you at all but rather a mistakenly identified person.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Question the Science

Eyewitness testimony is not very reliable, and attorneys know this. What they need to do is show the jury that this is the case. Your attorney may bring in an expert witness to make this argument.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the best ways to refute eyewitness testimony is to speak with a professional. A criminal defense attorney will come up with a solid plan to help you refute evidence that does not serve your case.