Applying for Social Security benefits if you're disabled does require you to have certain medical evidence. You can't just say you're disabled and have Social Security just give you money. When you're dealing with this aspect, help from a Social Security lawyer is often beneficial in the following ways.

Provide a Comprehensive List of Evidence Requirements

So that you're not just walking blind in the dark about what evidence to get concerning your disability, you need a Social Security lawyer by your side who can break down the comprehensive list of requirements. Then there won't be doubts about what forms you need to gather and how you should go about getting them.

A Social Security lawyer will explain these evidence requirements clearly, whether it's MRIs showing a traumatic brain injury or x-rays of damaged bones that are hindering your movement. Just get everything on this list so that you can do other pivotal things for your case.

Go the Extra Mile in Evidence Collection

You can probably gather a lot of forms of evidence showing how you're disabled, but if you want to avoid the possibility of a denial, you need to work with a Social Security lawyer. They'll always go the extra mile when it comes to evidence collection.

Even if their methods might seem excessive to you, just know they're rooted in proven tactics that are more likely to lead to your Social Security disability benefits being awarded. They may even go as far as gathering medical evidence from specialty doctors that deal strictly with your type of disability.

Get Evidence to Parties Fast

Even though there are deadlines concerning your Social Security disability case, dealing with them won't cause that much of a fuss when you let a Social Security lawyer handle the medical evidence part.

In addition to knowing what forms need to be filled out and signed by physicians and medical specialists, they know which parties at Social Security need these documents to get your case started. That's something you might not know, and taking a guess could leave your medical evidence susceptible to the wrong department that can't do anything about your situation. 

Getting Social Security Disability benefits involves multiple stages, but one you don't want to botch is getting medical evidence. Let a Social Security lawyer manage this part so that you're not stressed, aren't negatively affected, and ultimately can show proof of how these benefits truly mean something to your current living situation. Contact a lawyer like Deborah Maury to learn more.