Family law can become complicated when a couple decides that it wants to annul a marriage. The process can become even more difficult if you have children or have been married for several years, for example. Getting an annulment may be an option for you, but it can be difficult to understand when it is possible. These are a few of the cases in which an annulment is a good option.

Annulment Is Available If the Marriage Shouldn't Have Been Allowed

In some cases, the government never should have been allowed to wed. Perhaps your relationship would have been illegal in any other circumstance. For example, you might discover that your spouse is still married to another person. This would be an example of bigamy, and you may not have had any idea that your partner was still married, leading to annulment.

Incest is another reason why your marriage could be annulled. For example, you may discover that your spouse is actually a cousin, nephew, niece, or even sibling. This would allow you to void the marriage because the relationship never should have been allowed.

Annulment Is Available In Other Situations Resulting After the Marriage

In some cases, you can also annul the marriage if something happened after the wedding or you have a realization after the marriage. In some cases, one spouse may end up with limited mental or physical capacity. Perhaps the law would determine that this individual is unable to consent to a relationship, for example.

You could also discover that your spouse is not of legal age to marry, or perhaps you and your spouse were both minors at the time of your marriage. Fraud is also one way in which one party may annul the marriage. For instance, you may claim that your spouse tried to deceive you to get married. They may have claimed to be somebody that they were not.

Annulment Is Not Easy

If you are trying to annul your marriage, you may find that the process is more difficult than you would like to believe. It is difficult to annul a marriage without a very clear cause, and even when you do have cause it can be a long road.

Are you ready to annul your marriage but don't know where to begin? Speak with a family attorney today to see what kind of recourse you have and how you can move forward with your plan.