If you have filed a claim under the policy for your homeowners insurance and there is a dispute that has come up, then you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer to help you with your insurance claim. If you begin to notice any little red flags telling you that your claim may not go through as easily as you had hoped, then don't put off talking with a lawyer. Once you start to see worrisome issues come up, you should turn everything over to a lawyer who will be able to help with the communications on your behalf and who will work on your behalf to protect you and to help you to see the best possible outcome for your claim. If you have a lot of questions about things like claims and lawyers, then keep reading here where you will find answers to questions often asked of those filing claims: 

Does having a lawyer mean you don't talk to the insurance company anymore?

In some cases, a lawyer may wish to take over all of the communications with the insurance carrier. In other cases, a lawyer may want to instruct you on how to handle discussions with the insurance carrier, and then you can continue speaking with the carrier while knowing you aren't saying the wrong things. However, if things start to get messy, then most lawyers will want to take over all of the communications, and it is in your best interest to go along with this. Once your lawyer instructs you not to speak to the carrier anymore, you want to simply tell them to contact your lawyer if you still have someone from the insurance company contacting you. 

Can you just hire the same lawyer you used for another type of case?

While you can use someone like your divorce lawyer to help you with your claim, it isn't the best way to go. Instead, you should go with a lawyer who is going to be your best chance of having things go your way. This means hiring a lawyer who specializes in representing policyholders and who has a great deal of experience in going up against insurance companies. 

Do you have to give the lawyer money for them to start working on your case?

If you've been putting off working with a lawyer because you expect they are going to want you to give them money right away, then you can stop worrying. If an insurance claim lawyer decides to take your case against the insurance company, then they will take their payment out of the settlement when it comes in. This is why this type of lawyer only takes cases they are confident they can win.