Being involved in a car accident is an awful thing. Unfortunately, it is also something that can happen to anyone, often through no fault of their own.

If you have recently been involved in an accident, you may have been grateful that you didn't feel bad following the accident. You may have even thought you walked away without a scratch. However, it's important to realize that some injuries, many of them serious, do not make themselves known until a few days after the accident takes place.

Thus, following an accident, monitor yourself and your health closely. And, if you notice any of the warning signs of a delayed-onset injury, be sure to seek both medical and legal help to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Sudden Headaches

One of the first things to pay attention to is how your head is feeling. Many people will develop headaches several days after a car accident and, unfortunately, this can often be a sign of a serious underlying problem.

If headaches affect you a few days after an accident, see a doctor immediately. You could have a blood clot, a concussion, or some other injury that you were not aware of until symptoms developed.

And, since symptoms can develop after the fact, remember that the best practice is always to see a doctor following an accident, even if you initially feel okay.

Stress And Worry

Not all serious symptoms that develop following an accident are physical. Sometimes, they are mental, but these symptoms are just as serious and can have an impact on your wellbeing, quality of life, and even your ability to go to work.

If you are having nightmares, severe stress, or excessive worrying, including fear of driving or an inability to drive, following an accident, talk with both a lawyer and a therapist. These symptoms may represent serious trauma or even post-traumatic stress disorder from your accident.

Back Pain

People sometimes experience back pain a few days after an accident.

Whether the pain is mild or severe, it should be checked out. This type of pain could mean ligament or nerve damage, which are both common and typically take a while to make themselves evident.

A car accident can have serious consequences, some of which you might not realize until after the fact. However, in most cases, it's not too late to seek legal help. The sooner you do, the greater your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Contact a car accident attorney for more information.