Serving in the military is one of the most honorable and respectable careers that someone can be a part of. You are not only placed in a position in which your safety is at risk, but you are a part of a team effort to ensure that the country is protected. In order to fully serve military duties, it is often necessary to relocate to other countries, which can be stressful when you have a spouse and children to leave behind. The situation is even worse when the spouse that is left behind has an affair that he or she is very bold and open about. If your spouse had an affair while you were serving in the military overseas and you want a divorce, the content below will explain why hiring a lawyer is the best way to go through the process.

Investigate the Extramarital Affair

Before you can divorce your spouse based on him or her having a extramarital affair, everything must be proven to be true. Although your spouse has being open in regards to telling you about the affair, he or she might decide to deny it during the divorce process. A lawyer comes in handy for such a situation because he or she can investigate your spouse and possibly gather evidence if the affair actually exists. Access to phone records might be requested of the lawyer, so be prepared to hand them over if asked to do so. Speaking to your spouses coworkers, friends, and anyone else that might know of the affair might also be done during the investigation.

Determine How Benefits Will Be Handled

A perk of being in the military is that it comes with a lot of benefits, which are usually enjoyed by the spouse as well. For instance, military pension is something that both spouses can take advantage of. However, it might be possible to prevent your spouse from benefiting from you serving in the military, as he or she betrayed you and went outside of the marriage. A lawyer will let you know if you can prevent your spouse from having accessing to the benefits after the divorce has been finalized.

Ensure That You Get Parental Rights

Due to you having to live overseas every now and then to serve in the military, your spouse might attempt to get sole custody of your children. You have the right to have the some parental rights as your spouse does. It is wise to hire a lawyer to ensure that a fair custody agreement is made during the divorce process.

For more information, talk to a military divorce lawyer.