Getting injured in a car accident can disrupt life in so many ways, especially if you have to take off work for any length of time. If this happened to you and the accident was caused by someone else, you will need to pursue a settlement for your injuries and damages, and this includes seeking compensation for lost wages. Here are several things to know about the compensation you can seek for lost wages: 

You can ask for compensation for actual lost wages

The first type of compensation you should ask for is money directly related to the income you lost from work. If for example, you had to take one month off of work but were paid for one week of it, you could ask for the income for the three weeks you missed. You should keep a log of every day you miss along with the amount of money you missed earning because you could not be at work.

You can ask for compensation for lost future wages

The second thing to understand about lost wages is that you can request compensation for income you will lose in the future. This part of the equation can become tricky, though, because it is often hard to determine how much money you may lose in the future. The amount of income you may lose will depend on your recovery from the injuries and your ability to keep the same job as you once had.

Your lawyer will evaluate your case and your medical reports to determine a fair amount to ask for. Lawyers typically ask for more than the amount they suspect a person will lose from future wages, simply to protect their clients. It is better to get more than not enough, and you will only have one chance to fight for compensation for this.

Keep in mind; you only have one chance to settle your entire case. Once you make an agreement and sign the papers, you will no longer have the right to seek compensation for this particular accident again, and this is why you should always make sure you seek enough compensation in the first place.

If you have not yet settled your accident case and need help doing so, contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney will know exactly what types of compensation you are entitled to, and he or she will help you obtain the largest settlement possible for your case.