If you are going through a divorce, it's likely your first time going through this type of situation. For this reason, it can be difficult to know how to handle your divorce case and the information that is involved. This is why it's important to understand more about how divorce works so that you can get through it as smoothly as possible. Here are four things to understand about how divorce works:

  1. You Don't Win: There is never really a true winner in a divorce case. Ultimately, both partners are getting what they want, which would be legal separation. However, everything is pretty much split evenly between the two partners, although there are some instances where one partner may come out with more in the end simply because they make more money, have a closer relationship with the kids, or are more economically and socially responsible. For this reason, you shouldn't expect that you are going to "win" your case. Besides, trying to win in a divorce case can only lead to problems emotionally, which can affect how well your case resolves and often times leads to a long, drawn-out court battle. 
  2. No Divorce Is the Same: Divorce is not cut and dry. There are many factors that make each divorce case different from one another. So, even if you have been divorced before or you know friends who have gone through divorce, it doesn't mean that your divorce is going to have the same outcome. This is why it's important to go through your case with a divorce attorney to ensure that you understand the details of your own divorce case. 
  3. You Want to Resolve in Mediation: Going to court is definitely something you want to avoid, even if your spouse is not willing to communicate or negotiate with you. Going to mediation can actually help with this as long as you have a divorce attorney by your side. This way, you and your ex-partner are able to work out a compromise on all aspects. On top of this, it avoids going to court, where a judge is going to make the decisions and you won't have any say in it. 
  4. Be Honest: If you attempt to withhold any information, such as income, property owned, and more in order to prevent your ex from taking any of it from you, it can be held against you if your ex-partner decides to sue. When you are honest, it ensures that everything is split fairly, and it will protect you in the future because it prevents your ex-partner from being able to sue you for more. 

When you understand these four things, going through a divorce can be much more simple and less complicated and messy for everyone involved. Contact a law firm like Legal Action Workshop for additional advice.