If you have a small jewelry business that you run out of your house, you might not have the kind of extra money that larger companies might have. You are likely trying to save money anywhere you can, and when someone suggests that you might need a business attorney, you might not think you can afford one and say that you don't need a lawyer in the first place. Here are a few of the reasons you might actually benefit from having an attorney on your side, even with such a small company.

Setting Up Your Company Structure

While you might be aware of some of the tax implications of operating as a sole proprietor, you may not realize that there are legal ramifications as well. If you are a sole proprietor and a customer files a claim against you because a piece of jewelry broke and caused an injury, your personal assets might be threatened. To avoid this, you might want to form a corporation so that your personal and business assets are kept separate. There are a number of options open to you, but only a business attorney can advise you on which particular arrangement makes the most sense for your jewelry business.

Dealing with Customers

If a customer does decide to sue you over a piece of jewelry, you'll need to appear before a judge or seek to settle the matter out of court. While you may be able to appear on your own behalf, if you have no experience with these kinds of proceedings, you may say or do something that reflects negatively on you. You can end up losing a lot of money if you aren't careful. Having an attorney present can help you better understand the process as it goes along. They may also be instrumental in helping you prevail altogether.

Drafting Employee and Contractor Agreements

Sooner or later, if your business grows the way you hope it does, you are going to need some help in the form of contractors or employees. Your lawyer can draw up work agreements that outline sick time policies, vacation time allotments, disciplinary measures and other relevant issues. That way, you can ask people to sign that they have read and agreed to the documents before they even begin working for you. Should there be trouble or disagreements down the line, those documents might protect you and your business.

Your lawyer can also help you draft refund policies and language that you use on any coupons or discount codes to ensure that you are protected from fraudsters and those looking to take advantage of you.

Your home jewelry business can truly benefit from the help of an experienced business lawyer. Contact some attorneys in your neighborhood, like those at Souders Law Group, to better understand what they can do for you.