Driving while distracted can be very dangerous and even deadly. In fact, about 9 people die every day due to a distracted driver accident according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More and more drivers are becoming distracted due to technology, socializing, and multitasking. Because of this, accidents are occurring regularly because the driver is focused by something other than the road. While cellphone use is one of the most popular distractions for drivers, there are many more things going on in a vehicle that can take the driver's attention away. Here are some common distractions that you need to be aware of. 

Driving with Others in the Car

It can be fun to have others in the vehicle with you, especially if you have a long drive. While it may make the ride more enjoyable, it can also make it more dangerous. When drivers are focused on the conversation going on in the vehicle and not on the road, they run the risk of having an accident. About 15% of car accidents involving teen drivers are due to interacting with other passengers in the vehicle. Even if you have your eyes on the road, you may not be fully alert should a dog run out in front of your vehicle or the car in front of you makes a sudden stop. Limiting the amount of passengers can help decrease the risks of getting into an accident. 

Eating While Driving

It is very common to want to stop and grab a bite to eat when you are on your way somewhere. While it may be convenient, it is not always safe. Every time you take a bit of your food, you are required to take at least one hand off the wheel. Even drinking while driving can be dangerous because you have to hold the cup each time you take a sip. For small trips, make sure you eat and drink before you head out to avoid being distracted on the road. 

Reaching for an Object

Another common distraction you could face while driving is reaching for an object. As a vehicle moves around, you can expect some items in the vehicle to shift around. Should something fall under your feet while driving, you want to make every effort available to move it without taking your eyes on the road. Unfortunately, this also involves removing your hands from the wheel. Securing objects ahead of time can help prevent this from happening. Should you cause an accident while reaching for a fallen object in the vehicle, you could be sued for wrongful death or encounter a personal injury lawsuit and need the help of a lawyer, like the ones at The Best and Westover