If an auto accident has left you with staggering medical bills and the other driver's insurance provider doesn't want to pay for their driver's fault, it's time for legal representation. You don't want your claim to get dragged out, and you may also be eligible for more than you expect.

You don't just want to have the insurance company pay for the medical bills now, you want all potential medical expenses that resulted from the accident covered, especially if you're expecting a lengthy recovery. Here are a few things to consider.

Consult with an Injury Lawyer

Meet with an injury lawyer to find out if the accident is going to qualify for a settlement, and what they think you could get. The type of injury you're dealing with, the amount of damage, and the cause of the accident will all come into play when a decision is made. Getting a consult lets you know what your options are, how long the case could last, and more.

Get a Projected Recovery Statement

Have a medical professional give you a statement that describes the types of injuries you have, how long it could take for the injuries to heal, and what type of medical attention will be needed for the recovery process. If you're going to be healing for months or if you have injuries that will bother you for a lifetime, your lawyer wants to make sure you're compensated properly.

Record All Expenses

Record all of the expenses that you have from the accident, from the vehicle damage to the days that you couldn't go in to work. With a long list of all the medical bills and other costs, including lawyer fees, you can accurately determine how much the accident cost you and what you want to get back out of the case. Some lawyers will allow you to put a deposit down and pay after the case has been settled.

When you talk with lawyers compare how much each one takes of your settlement, and also what their hourly wage is. You want to know what you have to pay right away, so you don't have to deal with surprises. If you were in a bad accident and the other driver's auto insurance company is already trying to give you problems and you haven't even healed from the accident, get in touch with a personal injury attorney so you have options.

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