When someone within your network of contacts ends up getting arrested and sent to jail, your phone might soon be ringing -- especially if the unlucky person suspects that you have enough money to pay his or her bond. While it might be second nature to put up the money for someone with whom you share a close relationship, doing so gets a little more uncertain if the person is an acquaintance but not someone with whom you have a close relationship. Although you might feel pressured to use your own money to bail the person out of jail in a timely manner, it's best to take some time to seriously consider the situation. In many cases, it's preferable to use a bail bonds service. Here are three factors worth considering.

Your Connection With The Person

If the person doesn't fulfill the obligations of his or her bail, you'll be on the hook for the money. As such, it's vitally important to consider the nature of your relationship with the person. Remember that you shouldn't automatically trust family members. Think about how frequently you see the person and whether he or she has done things to help you at various times over the years, and consider whether this is the type of person you want to help in this manner. If you don't feel that your relationship is suitable for the situation, hiring a bail bonds service is a safer choice.

The Nature Of Your Finances

While you might be able to get the person in legal trouble to eventually pay back the bail bond service's fee, you should always seriously consider the likelihood that the person will flee and leave you financially responsible. Think about your financial situation -- although no one wants to go through this scenario, would you be able to afford it or would it lead to serious financial troubles for you? Answering this question honestly might steer you toward a bail bond service.

Your Desire To Stay Private

The minute you use your own money to pay someone's bond, your name is entered into public records. This means that it could be subject to a future search by employers, colleagues and even friends. If you're embarrassed about the situation and aren't keen on the idea of being publicly associated with someone in legal trouble, it's a better choice to hire a bail bonds service. When the organization pays the bond for your family member or friend, its name will be on the official public documents, not yours.

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