When you decide that you want to get a divorce from your legal spouse, it can feel like a long process that you just want to be done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are steps that have to be taken after filing and there is a good chance that your divorce attorney will recommend mediation before the final hearing takes place.

Even though divorce mediation can sound like some type of argumentative debate, this is actually a peaceful meeting that is designed to help find resolutions to unresolved disputes between you and your partner. Here are the answers to some of the more common questions you will likely have for your divorce lawyer about mediation.

Who will be allowed to be present at the divorce mediation?

In divorce mediation, the only people who will be allowed to be present will be the two parties involved in the divorce and their attorneys. The mediator will play the role of the middle party who starts the conversation and directs queries. However, if there is an additional, outside party whose input would be valuable, they may be asked to come into the mediation temporarily, but will not be asked to stay.

Who will be doing the speaking during the meeting?

It would not be ideal for mediation to involve two individuals wishing to separate their lives to do all of the speaking. This would likely lead to more confrontation than resolving issues of the divorce. The majority of the conversing during the meeting will be between the two representing divorce attorneys and the mediator assigned to the case. However, you may be asked a few questions or allowed to offer your input at certain points during the conversation.

What happens if you and your spouse cannot agree on anything during mediation?

Mediation is almost like a final chance to see if the two of you can make decisions on your own without having to have a judge do the job for you. While most parties do find that they can agree on some terms during mediation, resolving everything is not usually the case. Therefore, the remaining issues will be taken before the judge to determine the best possible solutions for the both of you.

When it comes down to it, divorce mediation is nothing to be intimidated by and mainly involves professional conversation about the divorce. Be sure to talk openly with an attorney (such as one from Kalasnik Law Office) about any questions you have about mediation before the scheduled meeting.