A false accusation of child abuse can take you to jail, cost you a lot of money and ruin your career and good name – if you don't know how to deal with it. This is a serious charge, and the sooner you face up to the fact, the better. Here are four things you should know from the beginning:

You Need a Lawyer, Fast

The first thing to know is that you need a good lawyer, and you need him or her fast. Don't make the mistake of assuming that, since you are innocent, the court will also find you innocent. Even if it does, you shall have spent many hours and money fighting for your innocence. The earlier you start fighting, the sooner you can get the charges dismissed.

If you don't act fast, then you may also suffer from the misfortune of losing your children due to curtailing of visitation and custody rights. Remember that the state takes abuse charges very seriously, and it will come after you with all its mighty resources. The only person who can help you best is an experienced attorney.

It's Likely To Be an Unfair Fight

Although an accused person is legally considered innocent until proven guilty, the reality on the ground is different as far as child abuse is concerned. The society views child abusers in a very negative light, and your name is tainted from the moment the allegations are made. Don't be surprised even if some of the officers investigating your case seem to have a biased view of the case.

The reasoning is no one in his or her right mind will ever admit to abusing a child. In short, you should be prepared for a serious fight.

You May Need Expert Witnesses

You have probably heard of expert witnesses being called to testify in court. Well, this is one of the situations in which you may need an expert witness to testify on your behalf. For example, the prosecutor may use a child psychologist to evaluate the child's behavior, mannerisms and actions to show that he or she has been abused. You may need your own child psychologist to refute these claims or to show that you are not the originator of the abuse.

It's Likely To Be A Multi-Front Battle

Lastly, don't forget that the abuse allegation may find its way to different courts. For example, if you were going through divorce, then it will certainly come up when child custody issues are discussed. At the same time, some forms of child abuse are considered as criminal offenses. If that is the situation in your case, then you may be defending yourself in a criminal court too. It might even rear its head in a civil court if the alleged abuse resulted in injuries that need compensation.

A child abuse accusation is a serious charge. You should never rely on your innocence or the goodwill of the investigators to set you free. Only an experienced attorney will be able to prove your innocence.